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Innovative knitted Cooler fabric was designed to provide the body with freshness during sleep time and to speed up the process of falling asleep. Usually, the high temperature of the environment hampers a drop in the temperature of a body before sleeping. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to fall asleep. A descent in the corporal temperature helps the body to fall asleep quicker and improves the quality of sleep.

Test results:
Cooler fabric has been tested in a couple of laboratories with international accreditation. The results of these tests, in which both cooler and other fabrics have been used, showed that Cooler fabric decreases the skin temperature by 1,3°C.
As the Cooler fabric is highly thermally-conductive it creates the sense of freshness as you touch it. This effect is perceived even through bed linen and mattress topper.
Special features
● Has a high temperature flow capacity due to the thermal conductivity features
● Gives a cooling sense with a high value of thermal absorptivity
● Provides thermal comfort environment in sleep thanks to water vapor permeability and cooling sense

Biorytmic Sleep

This fabric has been designed by Boyteks by collocating natural minerals that possess certain energy in a special geometric way. Stress, quick work pace, lack of sleep, fatigue, lack of energy and other factors of our daily routine cause an important disequilibrium of the vital body interconnections. The purpose of the creation of Biorytmic Sleep is to regulate the equilibrium of these interconnections during your sleep time.

Advantages of Biorytmic Sleep
● Improved intra-body communication during sleep
● Helps to relax and improve your well-being
● Helps you wake up refreshed
● Improves the overall well-being of the body

The effect that Biorythmic Sleep fabric has on stress during and after sleep has been tested with the use of EDA method. Tests based on this methodology confirmed the stress reducing effect that this fabric has got. It helps you to start every new day without stress.

Triple Fresh

Triple Fresh a Breath of Fresh Air, While You Sleep; the first technology in the world that cleans air in a bedroom. Triple Fresh has got a special formula that is able to eliminate toxic gases such as formaldehydes, ammonia, acid and nicotine.

As compared to other fabrics worked out to date with the purpose of removal of smells, Triple Fresh destroys odours and not masks them
Advantages of Triple Fresh
● Cleans the air in your bedroom
● Diffuses and eliminates unwanted odours that negatively affect the human health
● Wash–resistant and environmentally friendly product
● Lasting feature continues in endless cycle


Human body requires more warmth than normally, especially in winter months. As its name indicates, it will make your bed warmer. It provides a warm environment during sleep time by segregating heat and absorbing moisture. All this is possible thanks to its special structure. WARMER fabric improves the quality of your sleep and protects from undesirable external influences. On top of that, your bed will remain dry and comfortable due to the moisture absorbing feature of this mattress ticking.

Advantages of WARMER
● Generates heat
● Provides a warm and dry sleep environment
● Helps maintain temperature balance
● Eliminates bad odours with its deodorization effect
● Dries quickly


Magnerest mattress ticking offers you a magnetic therapy which is tested and approved scientifically. It helps to increase the hormone melatonin for better sleep. The comfort gathers round Magnerest.
Don’t Get Adversely Affected By The Lack Of Magnetic Field
The world is changing rapidly under the influence of technology and new living styles. When trying to catch the rhythm of life and embracing the spirit of time, our bodies are becoming more exhausted and our sleeping pattern is adversely affected by this situation.

The presence of the magnetic field that surrounds us in space, just like gravity, is a proven scientific fact. The fact that the compasses do not point in the same direction in different places is merely one of the proofs of existence of this magnetic field that ranges all the way from the earth to the sky. All living or non-living beings have their own magnetic fields and everything is under the influence of this magnetic field called the «Magnetosphere» with its own magnetic field. However, the effect of this magnetic field is diminishing.
With the Magnerest mattress ticking developed by Boyteks, it is possible to avoid the effects of the diminishing magnetic field deficiency and to render your life more productive by regaining the energy saved during sleep.
The Magnerest Technology
The magnetic field created by the Magnerest mattress ticking which is developed by Boyteks, passes through the tissue in waves and forms a current.
The positive effects of the Magnerest mattress ticking have been tested by independent laboratories. As the test results indicate, the mattress ticking is proven to improve sleep quality and increase the melatonin hormone.


We developed many technologies in our studies until now to support people to feel better and to sleep comfortably. Bedrooms are where couples feel most special about themselves. Intense pace of daily life causes people to not live the special moments at the level they desire. Romance mattress ticking developed by Boyteks is opening the door to your bedrooms with its unique blend coming from the nature and its micro-capsule technology.

● Romance mattress ticking awakens your senses
● Well-being effect
● Makes you feel relaxed and calm
● Supports you to feel more desirous
● Improves your sleep quality

Ensures you to feel better by awakening your feelings. Romantic minutes of love will open wide tlhe door to a rewarding life with your partner.
Sense and comfort particulars of Romance Bedding Fabric has been tested over 25 couples, 65 subjects: 33 men and 32 women.

Clima Natura

Clima Natura mattress ticking, absorbing and releasing the heat in the atmosphere is a sleep technology which adjusts the heat on two faces. Regulating the heat waves in the atmosphere, Clima Natura provides sleep comfort thanks to its microclimate feature which creates coolness in hot and warmth in cold. Additionally, through its antibacterial effect, Clima Natura prevents the formation of bacteria and its anti-static feature enables it to keep the static electricity away from the body.

Working principle of PCM
Clima Natura mattress ticking takes its thermal regulation feature from the heat sensitive materials in the fibers of the yarn. This technology is called as phase changing materials (PCM). The phase changing materials in the fabric provide coolness by taking heat from the atmosphere when it is hot and changing it into liquid and provide warmth by releasing heat to the atmosphere when it is cold and changing it into solid. Clima Natura, whose technology withstands washing, increases comfort of by decreasing the level of heat change thanks to its smart heat management system.

Features of ClimaNatura mattress ticking:
● Thermo-regulation
● Antibacterial
● Anti-static
● Superior sleep comfort
● Wash durable

Clima Nature helps your body regulate and maintain ideal body sleep temperature.


Mattress ticking "CopperTech" - WITH THE RENEWAL POWER OF COPPER
Vibrant And Healthy Skin By A Supportive Care
The use of copper by humans dates back to the old ages; the human race has been using it for almost 7000 years. The need for copper which transmits electricity very well has increased in time; it has been started to use in most of the industries. Known for its well conductivity of electricity and heat, copper has gained anti-static feature which made it inevitable to be used in textile.

According to the recent studies on copper, it plays an important role in skin cell renewal as well. It’s also one of the essential elements in sustaining the ordinary function of many tissues. Considering the capability to renew the skin cells and facilitating the wounds healing of copper, it has been quite common to witness the use of it in medical products such as wound dressings and in textile products such as socks.

How Does CopperTech Work?

CopperTech which significantly affects the mattress comfort eliminates the static electrification and the unfortunate situations caused by it thanks to its antistatic feature and provides a comfortable sleeping environment. With its being antibacterial, it protects the mattress from the bacteria and the bad smell caused by them while helping with the skin beauty.

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