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Multipocket block mattresses, unequalled in sensation

Key advantages of the springs:

● Very high level of point elasticity
● Very high level of orthopaedic effect
● Active body support
● Maximum comfort
● Silent operation
● Excellent choice for people with different body weights (partner with smaller weight does not roll towards the heavier one).
● Absence of “wave effect” and “hammock effect”

Quantity of springs - 420 pcs/m2
Height of Multipocket block - 140 mm.
Diameter of wire – 1.8 mm

Elite Multipocket series springs provide higher level of comfort. Each spring is placed into an extra strong pocket. These pockets are sewn and glued in such a way that pressure on one spring would not cause vibration of adjoining springs.
One distinctive feature of such springs is high level of elasticity. The springs work exclusively upon points of pressure and due to small diameter and large quantity of the springs the mattress literally merges with the sleeping person’s body. Mattresses with Multipocket spring block have colossal orthopaedic properties and light massage effect. It gives optimal support for the whole body during sleep: spine remains in its natural position, muscles do not feel pressure, joints are not squeezed and circulation is not disrupted.


Multipocket block mattresses, unequalled in sensation

Key advantages of the springs:

● Very high level of point elasticity
● Very high level of orthopaedic effect
● Active body support
● Increased cushioning
● Maximum comfort
● Silent operation
● Increased height of springs .
● Excellent choice for people of different weight categories (partner with smaller weight does not roll towards the heavier one)

Quantity of springs - 420 pcs/m2
Height of Multipocket block - 180 mm.
Diameter of wire – 1.8 mm

Top range version of Multipocket series springs is Multipocket Long Spring that provides inimitable feeling of comfort. Extra height of the springs allows manufacturers to make bigger and puffier mattresses.


Smaller height – big opportunities

Key advantages of the springs:

● Orthopaedic properties
● Higher comfort
● Lower height of the block - 8 cm
● Excellent level of point elasticity
● Suitable for making mattresses for kids and teenagers
● Suitable for making upper mattresses
● Suitable for making thinner mattresses

Quantity of springs - 296 pcs/m2
Diameter of wire – 2.0 mm

Block of pocket springs Micropocket is meant to create mattresses of elite series. Micropocket in combination with several spring blocks makes mattress more comfortable and puffy and ensures even better weight distribution.
We manufacture mattresses for teenagers with Micropocket springs core. These are meant for two-tier beds or beds designed for thinner mattresses.
A lot of our customers buy thinner Micropocket mattresses in order to renovate sleeping surface of their sofas.


Pocket springs – the pioneers of orthopaedic mattresses

Key advantages of the springs:

● Point elasticity capable to follow body curves
● Orthopaedic qualities
● Excellent air circulation qualities
● Good moisture exchange and optimal microclimate
● Silent operation
● Total independence of sleeping persons of each other
● Absence of “wave effect” and “hammock effect”

Longer service life in comparison with dependent spring mattresses
Pocket spring block is a type of modern springs that creates reliable and active spine support during sleep. Self-contained springs block consists of cylindrical springs where every spring is placed into a special isolated pocket. The pocket is made of strong non-woven fabric. Pocket spring system helps to distribute load upon individual points that is why the springs smoothly follow body contour of sleeping person, support spine and relieve tension in muscles.

OSSOV SIA is the only company in Latvia that uses spring classification according to levels of firmness.
Every person is unique that is why when choosing a mattress it is important to take into account individual peculiarities: weight, age, physiology, personal feeling of comfort. Necessary firmness of mattress depends on all these factors.
To give every client an opportunity to buy the most comfortable and useful mattress we offer to choose among four levels of firmness: from the softest to the firmest.

Quantity of springs - 256-289 pcs/sq.m2
Diameter of wire - 1.8-2.2 mm *
*depends of firmness level


Individual support for every part of the body.

Seven-zone blocks consist of seven spring zones of different firmness due to what mattress has the biggest point elasticity. Spring block is divided into such firmness zones as head area, shoulder zone, lower back zone, pelvis zone, knees, lower legs, feet zones. Special feature of seven-zone block: reinforced neck and lower back zones and relaxed feet zone. Consequently, the mattress subtly responds to pressure and takes the load off spine, facilitates muscle relaxation, prevents squeezing of blood vessels. This mattress fully corresponds to all requirements to an orthopaedic mattress.
Quantity of springs 289 pcs/sq.m2
Diameter of wire - 1.8-2.2 mm

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