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It is well known that wool has served as a mattress filling in the past for its elastic properties.

Nowadays it is often replaced with materials such as foam and springs. However, not so long ago it started being successfully used in the production of mattress textiles because of the range of special properties that it is known for:
• The natural warmth during sleep
• Humidity controlling features
• It does not cause allergies and irritation of the skin
• Provides natural ventilation
• Considered as an environmentally-friendly material


Cotton is one of the most widely used materials in the textile industry worldwide.

The demand for it is growing constantly, and with the demand growing also rises the amount of chemicals used for its cultivation. The long term exposure to these chemicals can result harmful to human health. As in the everyday life we are constantly in contact with all sorts of chemicals, scientists have created fibers made of organic cotton, grown exclusively in a natural way. Since then, this invention has been very popular in the mattress industry. As a result, during the night when the human body defences are at their lowest, we can sleep with a peaceful mind.
ORGANIC COTTON fabric has got such qualities as:
• The eco-friendly and natural composition of the material
• No harmful chemicals not only for the environment but also for your health
• Positive impact on global warming and pollution


Cashmere has long been known for its temperature sustaining properties. A unique blend of cashmere and viscose used in the manufacturing process allowed to create a mattress fabric that can create the ideal temperature conditions during sleep.

Scientists have discovered that KASHMIRA fabric has unique features such as:
• Regulation of human body temperature, creating a warming effect in the winter and cooling effect in summer
• Special softness of the fabric does not cause skin irritation

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