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Material of the future

Latex is a natural material produced by means of rubber tree (hevea) juice churning. It is elastic and springy and it excellently passes pressure over mattress springs. It can hold significant pressure and returns to its original form afterwards. It does not cause allergy. It is durable and retains its resilient properties for up to 15 years.
For mattress manufacturing we use only natural foamed latex. It is perforated for better temperature regulation and air circulation. It has antibacterial properties.


Ventilation properties and moisture regulation.

● Due to open “pores” structure latex has great ventilation properties what helps to avoid moisture accumulation inside the mattress. Movements of sleeping person cause pulsation effect resulting in air pumping into the mattress and continuous air circulation.
● Excellent thermoregulation properties: latex keeps warmth in winter and creates pleasant cool feeling in summer.


● In the course of laboratory and scientific research the highest quality and durability of latex were achieved.
● Latex is extremely resilient against deformation and wear-out.

Excellent body support and ergonomics.

● Latex properties allow to smoothly adjust to the sleeping person’s body and to follow his movements.
● Thanks to this quality latex provides proper and comfortable support to head, neck, upper and lower back and spine.
● For the most efficient support various comfort zones are added to the structure of several latex models.
● Latex responds even to the slightest pressure perfectly adjusting to the sleeping person’s body and it helps to maintain proper spine position during sleep.

Higher elasticity.

● Thanks to elasticity properties latex provides excellent support for the sleeping person’s body.
● It softens impact of point pressure that can cause unwanted vibration and rocking.
● Thanks to resilience properties latex provides the best support and comfort.
● Monolith latex mattresses can be used with any bed frames and even in height-adjustable beds.

Anti-fungal and hygienic

● Latex is resistant against harmful bacteria (and dust mite), unlike other similar materials which serve as fertile ground for microorganisms.
● Latex is a hypoallergenic material what makes it a good choice for people suffering from respiratory disorders.
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