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«Н 6 cm - latex clima series gray+latex clima convoluted gray»

Unique in its king mattress topper made of innovative latex impregnated with graphite grains creates additional conditions for safe and comfortable sleep. Graphite included in composition of the latex suppresses effects of hazardous elements infiltrating from environment and enables self-cleaning of the mattress. Sculptured surface of the latex has a healthy influence on circulation and facilitates muscles’ relaxation.

When your body is relaxed your head is freed of thoughts and you are carelessly carried away to the kingdom of Morpheus.

The mattress topper can be rolled what makes it convenient in transportation and storage.

  • Quilted cover
  • luxurious latex Clima Convoluted Gray line 30 mm
  • latex Perfo 30 mm


Made in LatviaHandmadeEkologically pure
orthopaedic - orthopaedicsoft mattress - soft mattress
fireproof - fireproofair permeability - air permeability
exclusive - exclusivenovelty - novelty
natural materials - natural materials  


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