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Premium Modular 18

Non-spring orthopaedic mattress made of natural monolith latex. Due to its monolith construction and classic height this model is sufficiently universal and it is suitable for stout people as well as for kids from the age of 2 years.

The model has antibacterial properties. Inner structure of latex does not accumulate dust and does not absorb moisture thus providing protection against dust mite and fungi.

  • Monolith block of monozone latex Modular 180 mm

Working load limit for one sleeping accommodation - up to 170 kg


Made in LatviaHandmadeEkologically pure
orthopaedic - orthopaedichypoallergenic - hypoallergenic
soft mattress - soft mattressair permeability - air permeability
non-spring - non-springmaximum working load limit 150 kg - maximum working load limit 150 kg
natural materials - natural materials  


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