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Multipocket Ultra Delux Green

Thanks to exclusive latex of Convoluted Green series the mattress has enhanced antibacterial properties and light relaxing effect. Soft layer of latex and sheep wool makes this side of the mattress especially attractive during cold seasons.

The firmer side consists of coconut and cotton slabs, it is more suitable for hotter days.

Superb orthopaedic effect is achieved by usage of upscale Multipocket block of self-contained springs. Thoughtful configuration of the mattress contributes to good blood circulation.

  • Sheep wool
  • latex layer Convoluted Green 30 mm (massage layer with antibacterial effect)
  • upscale self-contained springs Multipocket
  • Coconut slab 30mm (firmness layer)
  • cotton

In this model of mattresses the cover is made of fabric of “classic” (№2).

Height 21 cm.

Working load limit for one sleeping accomodation - up to 120 kg


Made in LatviaHandmadeEkologically pure
orthopaedic - orthopaedichypoallergenic - hypoallergenic
sides of different firmness - sides of different firmnessWinter-summer - Winter-summer
air permeability - air permeabilityspring - spring
maximum working load limit 120 kg - maximum working load limit 120 kgnatural materials - natural materials
exclusive - exclusivenovelty - novelty


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