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Gift Card

We know how to choose the best gift!

OSSOV gift card is a marvellous opportunity to make your loved ones happy: spouses, parents, your kids, friends, especially newlyweds, and relatives.
OSSOV gift card is not a trifle that would gather dust on the shelf or in the attic; it is the best manifestation of love and care.

With OSSOV gift card you can pay full price of the purchase or pay some part of it if you make a purchase for larger sum.

Order the card right now and our courier will deliver it tomorrow!

Delivery price in Riga – 3 euros. Beyond Riga limits – starting from 3 euros. Contact our consultants for checking the price of transportation service beyond Riga`s limits.

  1. You have to use the entire gift card in one purchase as we don’t give out the rest of the card’s value.
  2. Gift cards cannot be returned or changed for cash.
  3. Gift card is valid until the date written on it. The period of validity cannot be extended.
  4. OSSOV stores retain the right not to accept torn cards or cards with damaged (not clearly seen, washed away etc.) data of the gift card (number of the card, nominal value).
  5. Holder of the gift card can use it in any OSSOV store within territory of the Republic of Latvia.
  6. If the card is lost it will not be renewed, the company is not responsible for buyers` losses and does not compensate them.


Nominal value:  (min € 20)  
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