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Using the newest research and progressive technologies manufacturers of textile took the nature’s best and combined it with fibres of fabric. The result was fabric of Aloe Vera series, unequalled in its properties

Aloe Vera plant has efficient healing properties due to its rich chemical makeup with about 160 useful components. Bactericidal and bacteriostatic qualities are considered to be the most valuable, they increase immunity capabilities and body protective functions as well as enhance regenerative processes in damaged tissues.
Being subjected to body temperature these useful substances of Aloe Vera fabric are activated and they start to exercise beneficial effect onto sleeping person’s skin. Aloe Vera protects skin against harmful effects of environment, softens it and saturates it with healthy substances, prevents growth of bacteria and microorganisms on mattress cover. Besides, Aloe Vera fabric has high energetic properties and provides optimal balance of energy due to what sleeping on such mattress is much healthier.
Aloe Vera has renewable resource so the fabric’s properties are retained even after washing. The fabric has soft tactile qualities and gives your body unmatched feeling of comfort and cosiness.


Since the olden times silver has been famous for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. There was a good reason for people to use silver for water purification for many centuries. Mixing silver ions with fibres of fabric made it possible to provide protection of fabric against fungi and pathogenic bacteria.

Silver has many other functions ensuring healthy sleep:
● Lowering impact of electromagnetic fields over a sleeping person’s organism
● Antibacterial functions and deodorizing effect.
● Immune system protection against pathogens.
● Thermo-regulation function supports optimal temperature in any weather condition.
● Antistatic function.
● Silver fabric is nice to touch – it is soft and silky.
● The fabric retains its properties even after washing.


For manufacturing of Bamboo series fabrics bamboo fibres are used. They are made of various kinds of regenerated cellulose fibres. The production process does not harm environment – the production is practically waste-free. Bamboo can grow naturally without pesticide application and this fact demonstrates its safety and eco-friendliness.

Technologists discovered a number of undoubted advantages what made it possible to use bamboo in textile industry.
● Eco-friendliness and natural origin of the material;
● Antibacterial properties;
● Durability;
● Ventilation properties;
● Ability to absorb moisture;
● Soft tactile properties;
● Maintaining its unique properties even after washing;
● Hypoallergenicity. Suitable for people suffering from asthma and allergy.


Almost a third of his life a person spends sleeping. For this reason, people prefer to buy the most comfortable mattress that will last for many years before it is replaced.

SANITIZED mattress fabric is classified as hygienic fabric developed on the newest Swiss technology. Due to its special treatment, this fabric provides maximum freshness and comfort during sleep.

Benefits of SANITIZED fabric:
• The daily freshness and comfort
• Special treatment against dust mites, providing easy breathing for people suffering from allergies to dust
• It is an effective and reliable way of controlling bacteria, mould and unwanted odours
• Meets the criteria of OEKO-TEX® 100
• Approved by Allergy UK and Bluedesign® certificates


In the production of TENCEL fabric natural cellulosic fibre is used, obtained from the eucalyptus trees extract. Due to its origin, this fabric prevents bacterial growth with no need of additional processing.

Moreover, it has refreshing and soothing effects. Scientists have discovered that fabrics containing these fibres are more resistant to stretching.

The range of benefits of TENCEL fabric includes:
• Moisture balancing properties and ventilation effect that allow the fabric to stay dry, even in high humidity conditions
• Body temperature adjustment features
• Natural antibacterial protection
• Smooth and soft to touch fibre that is also very elastic


A brand new fabric OLIVE OIL has been developed by scientists with the help of the revolutionary microcapsule technology that allowed the use of olive oil in the textile industry.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins such as the E, A, D and K, leads to cell renewal and slows down the aging process.

As a result of these features, the advantages of OLIVE OIL fabric are:
• The extraordinary softness of the fabric, which creats maximum comfort during sleep
• Moisturizing features that soften skin and improve its elasticity
• Antioxidant Properties
• The effect of slowing down the aging process

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