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At first glance their role seems to be insignificant but in fact the function of fabrics is not so secondary. Fabric has to “breathe”, it has to be strong yet nice to touch, it should not cause skin irritation. Fabric should quickly absorb moisture and dry out easily. And of course, as any other household thing, it should be eye-pleasing. We have coped with this task and are ready to offer you the widest choice of fabrics.

Fabrics for mattress covers are divided into five categories and they correspond to specified mattress categories.

Luxury (5th category)

fabrics with the highest density and unique durability quality as well as the supreme share of natural fibres in composition (organic cotton, bamboo, silk), special design and innovative processing.

Extra luxe (4th category)

fabrics of higher density and the highest share of natural fibres in composition (organic cotton, viscose, bamboo fibres, cashmere, silk and others) and of special design as well as fabrics made with application of innovative technologies Silver, Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Tencel and Olive Oil.

De luxe (3rd category)

strong knitted fabrics with a higher share of natural fibres in composition (cotton, viscose, wool and others) and a special design.

Classic (2nd category)

jacquard and knitted fabrics made of mix of cotton and polyester, polyester and acryl and others.

Standard (1st category)

jacquard fabrics made of mix of cotton and polyester, polyester and acryl and others.

Economy (0th category)

covers made of quilted fabrics of various compositions.

3D (ventilation)

"porous" fabric made of polyester, used as a ventilation for mattresses.

Regardless of fabric’s category all mattress covers are made with zipper so they can be easily removed. Mattress covers made of fabrics of 1-4 categories have handles, ventilation and are marked with logotypes.

It is possible to choose any fabric for any mattress at customer’s request.*
* Raising fabric category should be done according to the price list

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