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Classic of the genre!

Key advantages of the springs:

● Meets all standard requirements
● Reliable system of springs
● Good air circulation
● Tried and tested and time-honoured technology
● Low price

Quantity of springs - 150 pcs/sq.m2
Height of Multipocket block - 125 mm
Diameter of wire – 2.2 mm

In Bonnell-type springs one of the oldest technologies of spring manufacturing is used. The springs are made of high carbon steel. Biconic shape is formed by supporting coils with maximum diameter and coils with gradually narrowing diameter towards the centre. It ensures high resilience of the structure, excludes coil touching under pressure and therefore enables silent operation of the spring. But in terms of orthopaedic properties and comfort this technology is inferior to modern type of self-contained springs so this type of springs is used mostly in low-price mattress series.

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