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Here we have collected all materials that our ancestors had been using for centuries for creating cosy and warm sleeping accommodations. All these materials keep energy of nature and have beneficial effect on sleep.


Coconut coir is a natural material produced from coconut fibre. Its natural properties are used in manufacturing of springy orthopaedic mattresses. Fibres of coconuts are saturated with natural latex what results in elasticity, strength and good inner ventilation of the material. Coconut coir is used in mattress manufacturing to make firmer layers of fillers.

HORSEHAIR (on jute lining)

Horsehair (on jute lining) is deservedly considered to be a very valuable mattress filler: extra strong, elastic, durable material, it does not flake, it does not produce dust. Due to fibrous structure it enables excellent air circulation. It does not absorb moisture, helps to maintain dry microclimate of mattresses. It has an excellent thermoregulation effect: during cold seasons it keeps warmth all night long and duting hot days it is efficiently ventilated and does not emit additional warmth.

HORSEHAIR (impregnated with latex)

Horsehair impregnated with latex is a natural material with superb qualities. Its main advantages are: resilience, durability, water resistance. Latex evenly binds horsehair fibres thus creating thick insulating layer that does not stretch upon pressure.
Most properties of the material are similar to coconut coir but in terms of orthopaedic qualities horsehair is better. It is used in manufacturing mattresses of medium firmness.

SEAWEED (on jute lining)

Seaweed (on jute lining) is a natural material imbued with energy of the sea and iodine ions. Sleeping on seaweed mattress grants excellent relaxation and has an invigorating effect. Such mattress has good ventilation and light massage and relaxing effect, regulates moisture and temperature balance of the sleeping person, prevents build-up of static fields that could cause overheating, overmoisturizing and feeling of discomfort.
It is used in manufacturing mattresses of medium firmness.


Natural undyed sheep wool is a material used in “winter” i.e. warming side of mattresses. Fibres of natural wool are not chemically processed, they are covered with animal wax – lanoline. After being subjected to heat lanoline melts and penetrates skin thus exercising therapeutic effect. It stimulates blood circulation, relieves pain. Wool fabric creates warm climate for sleeping. As research shows, natural wool has a healthy effect over people who don’t sleep well: they start to change body position during sleep less often.


Full-pressed cotton is used in upper layers of high quality orthopaedic mattresses. It regulates air and moisture circulation, forms microclimate, protects mattress cover against rougher fillers.


This strong material consists of thermo-pressed fibres of wool and synthetic fibres. It has high resistance and durability. In mattresses thermo felt is used as insulating material.


Foam (elastic foamed polyurethane) is used as softening or flooring material in models of economy class mattresses as well as for additional springiness and insulation. Firmness and springiness of foam is varied depending on density.


Non-woven needled half-woolen fabric. In mattress manufacturing it is used as flooring material and warming pad.

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