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Series of radically new and exclusive materials Aroma Latex opens new perception of sleep. From now on your mattress made of natural latex will not only help you to maintain proper spine position during sleep but also it will take care of your nervous system, it will lower anxiety and help to make your sleep healthy and undisturbed.

Fleur de Lavanda

Numerous properties of lavender flowers have been known from the ancient times..

Essential oil is produced by distillation of fresh lavender flowers. Lavender oil has strong antiseptic, anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory effects.
Slight scent of lavender helps you to recover peace of mind, to calm flow of thoughts and, being abstracted from problems, you can enjoy pleasant rest.
Besides, the issue of moth in your bedroom can be solved once and for all.

Green Tea

Those who like green tea know its health benefits very well.

Antioxidants, minerals, microelements are your body’s excellent helpers: they help you heart to work, maintain your skin toned and keep you in good mood.
Scent of green tea affects subconscious mind and makes it easier to recuperate, evokes positive emotions and helps to control appetite.

Vanilla Bouquet

We see sweet dreams more often when we are surrounded by gentle, magic fragrances.

Vanilla is one of the most loved and popular scents. Numerous well-known perfumes contain these magnetic notes. Besides, this scent evokes most sweet associations with childhood, grandmother’s fragrant pies, Sundays spent at home - nice and full of love.
That is why sleep or rest accompanied by pleasant vanilla scent will bring good dreams, grant serenity and drive your worries away.

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