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Orthopaedic mattress, what is it for?

Orthopaedic mattress is needed to support a natural position of spine with taking into account its physiological curvature during sleep. Also orthopaedic mattresses are meant for treatment and preventive care of spinal and musculoskeletal system deformities.

Whichever position you take on the orthopaedic mattress – on your side or on your back – your spine should not sag. One cannot tell the same about common, classic mattress. Orthopaedic mattress helps to avoid dislocation of vertebrae and intervertebral discs, muscles and ligaments are not stretched or compressed, nerve filaments and blood vessels are not squeezed.

If your mattress is not an orthopaedic one and it does not provide enough support (spine sags and vertebrae dislocate) then neural impulse from spinal cord to tissues of various organs and muscles can be disrupted (because of squeezing of nerve roots) and muscle tension can cause disruption of blood and lymph circulation. It can result in chronic pain and illness of any organ or aggravation of existing illnesses as well as, of course, in deterioration of quality of sleep. Uncomfortable sleeping in its turn causes feeling seek even more.

Orthopaedic mattress provides a good preventive treatment against many illnesses – high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, muscle pains, stomach ulcer, scoliosis, radiculitis, neuralgia, insomnia and others.


Suggestions on how to choose a mattress

There is an opinion concerning mattresses that the firmer is the better and more useful to your spine. But it is one big misbelief. Mattress should not be too firm or too soft. Too firm mattress does not support equally all parts of body. Only heavier parts of body are supported such as shoulders and thighs. Increased pressure in these parts affects normal blood circulation causing repeated position changing and, consequently, results in disrupted sleep.

If a mattress is too soft it does not support body at all leaving spine practically without support. It results in the so called “hammock effect” causing spinal pains and deformation.

The main requirement to a mattress: it has to be the most comfortable specifically for you. The mattress can be considered as comfortable for you when whichever position you would take on the mattress your spine is perfectly straight without the slightest pressure. Then your body is in its proper anatomical position.

It is called an orthopaedic effect and such mattress is called an orthopaedic mattress. Function of support in such mattresses is performed by their core that determines comfort of mattress. In terms of type of core there are innerspring mattresses and non-spring mattresses (both common and orthopaedic ones).

The notion of comfort is significantly subjective so it would be better to follow not only common advice but your own preferences as well.

● People of medium build can choose among almost all self-contained spring models. Models with latex layers and combination of coconut coir slabs and latex are highly recommended.
● Stout people are advised to pay attention to mattresses with reinforced structure that is specially designed for larger weight: mattresses with core of more rigid reinforced springs, Vernestet pocket springs model (the hardest pocket springs) or Multipocket. Non-spring latex foam mattresses are worth paying attention as well.
● For skinny people it is better to choose softer models.
● For kids and teenagers non-spring mattresses are usually recommended. Coconut coir mattresses are an excellent choice.
● When choosing a mattress for the youngest kids it is important to make sure that it has good ventilation and protects spine against sagging. As a rule, coconut 5-7 cm thick mattress-toppers are bought for younger kids.
● Firm mattress is not advised at all if you have back pains. You have to choose among soft, flattening and back supporting models.
● Inversely, people with problems in upper spine should choose firm mattresses
● Orthopaedists often recommend firm and semi-firm mattresses to patients with spinal illnesses. You should listen to your doctor’s advice. But if you are a healthy person and you sleep on a wooden plank covered with blanket it is really unhealthy and it can harm your joints and blood vessels.
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